‘Soft velvet wrap’

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Soft velvet wrap of night encloses,
On the ruby bed of Miss Sunset;
With silken glove, as day reposes
She rests red hand on horizon west.

Then as nature weaves its magic spell,
Moon and stars begin to fill the skies,
As old daylight tolls its closing bell,
And gossamer maidens veil our eyes.

A land of dreams fills our fertile minds,
Of maple syrup and moms jam tart,
With old love songs; our favourite lines;
How the joy of birth gladdens the heart.

Vivid dreams, of that first stolen kiss,
Of holding hands on the way to school,
Being so in love, the endless bliss,
And thinking; now this is really cool!

But dreams like the night, come to an end,
With coming of morn and harsh daylight,
As must this poem that I have penned,
Putting happy dreams, once more to flight.

Let’s welcome the dawn of this new day,
The glory of love and warm daylight;
Thanking the good Lord, for all we pray,
Praise him for guiding us through this night.

Leslie de la Haye

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