So Simple?

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Simple things for simple lives
Simple husbands simple wives
Simple children with simple needs
Simple food for simple feeds

Simple housing with simple rooms
Simple cleaning with simple brooms
Simple work with simple wage
Simple book with simple page

Simple letter with simple stamp
Simple holidays with simple camp
Simple bike with simple gears
Simple drink with simple beers

Then simple people with simple lives
Took simple governments clear advice
Simple credit to buy silly things
Simple gifts like diamond rings

So simple people got simple greed
It’s what I want not what I need
Simple people lose simple jobs
Simple police fight simple mobs

Simple society is no more
No working man no shop floor
Simple homes simple dole
Lost your mortgage simple soul

Simple things are just no good
Only loads of money is understood
Simple boom to simple bust
Simple banks Simple trust

Simple people lose simple lives
Simple husbands lose simple wives
It simply could not last
You simply cost too much
You simple people are all the same
You really must just take the blame

There are loads of jobs for simple folk
A simple builder can be a simple teacher
A simple miner a simple preacher
A simple nurse a simple wife
It’s a simple payment for a banker’s life

The simple fact is, we’ve been let out too long
So for simple people with simple lives
Simple husbands simple wives
Simple things are simply great
Simple children don’t graduate
Ask a simple question from the simply wise
Our simple MPs tell simple lies

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