‘Slumber’s dreams & wishes’

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Hush now my children, close your sweet little eyes
To climb over rainbows, and pink purple skies,
Help Snowy the puppy catch farmer Mac’s pigs
And laugh as the small Lambs get up to their jigs.

Hush now children, sail on a cotton white cloud
Make your Mother and Father even more proud
Catch skylarking West winds, and place in a bag
Take them gently out, and polish with a rag.

Chase the purple white clouds away from the Sun
See all of their cast-offs, just laugh and then run
Catch a whistling Typhoon, and whip it’s behind
Say “For being naughty and NOT very kind.”

Lassoo the Sunbeams, and bring down to this Earth,
Each one you catch, is a lot more than it’s worth
Chase the black squirrels that block out the Moon
It’s beautiful face, just like a smiling baffoon.

Chase the scampering stars, all silver and bright,
Shining QuickSilver, to brighten up the night
And fast little Eddies that scamper quiet fast
They’ve always been there! The present and the past.

So my dearest Children, close your weary eyes
Think of pink jello and red lemonade pies
Drift now into slumber, and capture your wishes
Whist Mummy and Daddy, go wash the dishes….

Leslie de la Haye

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