Sleeping Fools

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Wake up, wake up, you sleeping fools
See how the rich don’t play by rules
They’re only made for such as we
Who doff our hats and bend our knee
In supplication to those few
Who lead the gravy-swilling queue
Whilst you and I are beaten down
They’re free to gloat and paint the town
Whatever colour they think best
They’ve loads of cash, so sod the rest
We’re told by leaders in the know
That times are hard, so no spare dough
”Make up your mind to starve or freeze.”
”Life’s very hard – it’s not a breeze.”
But fat cat wages rise and rise
By figures of enormous size
And all the time you sleeping fools
Do nothing whilst they break the rules
We must wake up and make a choice
Decide to act and raise our voice
Bring down this culture based on greed
And spread their wealth to those in need

Don Holmes

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