“Set, Hut, Hut”

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Punt the ball away up field, its ‘hanging time’ doth stretch the neck
In running war the clock ticks down, now fumbled catch may save the day
Quarterback with strength renewed, explains the play in ‘huddled’ form
Two ‘downs’ played now ‘third and long’ to keep alive, in game to stay

“Set, Hut, Hut” the snap released, drop back into ‘the pocket’ made
‘Defensive’ team attempt to ‘sack’ in ‘blitz’ across the ‘neutral zone’
The scrimmage line ‘Offensive’ block, in ‘pass protection’ sacrifice
Our hero with the golden arm, in arrowed line completes the play

Insufficient yardage gained, with ‘end zone’ goal line out of reach
Another punt or ‘go for it’, a ‘time out’ called for coaches say
‘Special teams’ reach for the sky in practice nets, some just for kicks
The crowd engaged in drama scene, unfolding final act on view

Audible instruction of a changing plan, is shouted out
“Set, Hut, Hut” the cry, as heard in past encounters down the years
A ‘bomb’ released unerringly, received by cupped and prayerful hands
In ‘spiked’ touchdown of celebration, known to bring grown men to tears

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