School Holidays

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Holiday time is with us once more
Time to visit some foreign shore
Join the rush to pack up and go
Away from all of the friends that you know
Sit at the airport anxious to hear
Departure of your flight is quite near
But wait a minute what did they say?
“Sorry to tell you there’s been a delay”
“A fault has occurred on flight 302”
“We’ll fix it in an hour or two”
Four hours later nothing is said
The kids are driving you out of your head
Their games consoles are all out of charge
And meltdown is looming ugly and large
Just as you feel about to explode
You hear the plane is ready to load
Then at the gate as you start to go through
One of the kids needs to go to the loo
Puffing and panting face red as beet
You finally find the last empty seat
And as you sip a cool glass of wine
You kid yourself that everything’s fine
In two weeks time you’ll re-live the pain
As you start your journey back home again

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