Save Us

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Save the planet from pollution.
Does anyone have the solution?
Save your soul and find redemption,
Lord deliver us from temptation.

Save our world from the bomb,
Who else has the atom?
War in Afghanistan; live in fear.
Is it true the end is near?

Save the foxes from the dogs,
Is anyone interested in saving frogs?
Elephants, tigers, pandas and whales,
Does anyone care about the snails?

Save us from fast drivers in our village,
What next rape and pillage?
Crime and violence in our street.
Where are the police? In retreat.

Phew! It’s getting hotter!

Global warming does it matter?
Climate change the new quasi religion;
with high prices that give you indigestion.
Just pay up and don’t question!

Save us from these gloomy thoughts,
I’m sure it will all come to nought.
It’s not yet time for the requiem,
So let’s enjoy life until then.

Simon Icke

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