SAS…(A tribute to the Special Air Service)

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For we are the covert eyes and ears,
and special is in the name.
squadron A,B,D and G
Our discipline is an immortal flame.

From our origins in ’41
our missions home and beyond.
unconventional and we serve as a model,
and a tight unbreakable bond.

For throughout history we assist in battles,
and our name makes the enemy freeze.
From Gibraltar to the Falklands,
and the Iranian embassy siege.

With covert stealth and ultimate resolve,
the task is swiftly done.
The enemy is stunned with shock and awe,
and there is nowhere to run.

For the enemy always meets its maker
and is answerable for their sins.
and we return….mission accomplished,
for ‘Who Dares wins’.

Emad Qweitin

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