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I went for a walk today
Through the churchyard,
Down my way,
The gravestones are old
And covered in trees and weeds.

I started to read some
They were old and grey,
There was one on its own
At the end , out of the way.
As I pulled back the bushes
To take a look
A young man stood at the side,
He said it reads like a book
And then gave me a wave.

The name on the grave was Sandy,
He was decorated twice.
The writing seemed clear
I thought that’s nice.

He was twenty six years old
In the First world war.
The words seemed to stand out
They seemed bright and clear.
I’ll take a photo
While there is enough light.
The young man was there
He stood to the right.

Would you like a copy,
If you tell me your name.
I am sorry he said
I have to go now,
But please keep my photo
And Sandy’s my name.

Peter Holmans

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