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I spied a glistened heart shaped shell, when lapped by oceans ebb and flow
Its movement ‘twixt the strands of kelp caressed my sole as I strolled by
With many more ahead if I should wish to choose afore I go
Yet once again my gaze was drawn to loving form which caught my eye

Now cupped in hand I wondered of its journey, how it came my way
As briny formed in rivulets upon my palm in salted tears
From land afar or island home, I dared to dream of life this day
Wherein perhaps the feel of warmth as held may banish all my fears

I lay upon the golden grains of sand which held my mind enthral
When glimpsing of a shadow formed by rays of light at water’s edge
A maiden fair did seem to me in hurry to escape my call
Perchance I heard intention of her longing, heartfelt, whispered pledge

In holding to my ear in hope of revelation for to find
A message shaped and carried on the breeze contained within
Hands across the sea, in loving friendship of forever kind
Sculpted by Minerva’s kiss in verse, with strains of Menuhin

Richard Gildea

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