Rumour control

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My name is of no consequence,
You may even take a poll
To find out who I really am,
The truth, ‘RUMOUR CONTROL’.

I know of everyone’s business,
Even before they do.
If nothing happens and I’m bored,
I make them all come true.

If life is dead and terribly dull,
I make rumours up you see,
It gets the people worried
And they, ha! Ha! should be.

No one is safe from me,
I have you all in hand,
At one time or another,
You join my little band.

Individuals no one knows too well
Are my easiest prey, that’s plain.
The others believe so readily,
That’s another one down the drain.

If people weren’t such gossips,
My game would be no fun.
One closed mouth and sensible head,
The job would then be done.

The things I say are rarely true,
They have no need to be.
If people believe a gossip
It’s good enough for me.

I know my rumours may well hurt,
But do I care? “Oh no”,
I find my little game is fun,
******* Don’t you think so?

I’d like to say a lot of things,
But instead you must enrol.
You want to know a lot of things,
******* ask ‘RUMOUR CONTROL


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