Rich Pickings

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The rich have always exploited the poor
Although they have much they always want more
Nothing can stop their greed and desire
It burns oh so bright like coal on a fire

The rich have always looked down their nose
At people who toil to pay for their clothes
They take trips away to fancy resorts
Whilst keeping in touch with financial reports

The rich it seems have no need to panic
When interest rates make you and I manic
Their wealth and gall just carries them through
They ride every storm unlike me and you

The rich it seems can live through it all
When you and I struggle– they have a ball
They don’t face eviction or threat from the bank
They still buy their Porches — still get to swank

The rich have always exploited the poor
Thy think it’s their right to have even more
But the poor feel the anger burning inside
And soon there must be a turn of the tide

Don Holmes

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