Rest Assured

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She held me in my darkest hour and prayed that I may live
Wrapped me in Her Angel wings, protection from the world at large
Sacrificed Her all and somehow found much more inside to give
Unconditioned love bestowed on one of four who were Her charge

Taught me right from wrong in sprinkled wisdom of Her words, as shared
Urged me to dream on and on, when stated aim seemed out of reach
Expression of a warmth filled heart, with open arms which showed She cared
Exemplified by trusting in Her Son, no thought would dare impeach

With Daughters three, She’d share Her woman’s wiles and even share Her clothes
Painted nails and plaited hair, did everything She could to please
Prepared them in the ‘Ways of Men’ though what this meant ‘sweet heaven only knows’
In ‘Birds and Bees’ would march and place me firmly on my Father’s knees

In nursing sick and needy souls, a nightingale would sing Her praise
Her Legacy lives on in years through offspring who would make Her proud
In tending to all whims and wants, in oft’ times sad and troubled days
My Mother dear has earned the right to rest Her head upon a cloud

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