Rescuing Mountains

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Many a time before, during and after
I have been met with varying degrees of laughter
When I tell people I do Mountain rescue
Through fits and giggles, they say ‘help mountains do you?’

Red sock brigade we often got named
Leaving work to swan off often it was claimed
Glorified climbing club it was also said
While out in the wind and rain, they were in bed

Good for you I was told
Excellent for assessments, being brave and bold
What was not said before I went
How much co workers would resent

Still with head held high and a happy heart
I went to a place on the coast to start
The going was tough, and friends few
What we actually did not many knew

The things I saw I will never forget
And certainly not the brave souls I met
No matter how drunk I seem to be
I will always have tragedy that I see

Despite the ridicule and laughter
I helped people that were on the brink of disaster
Helped get people away from danger in all weather
The lost will be with me from now on for ever

I miss the times I had on Mountain Rescue
Also the people I came to respect too
No matter what ridicule I endured at the time
Will diminish the sense of purpose and pride which was mine

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