Rent Asunder

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Stranded ‘neath the desert sun, my trusty steed of four wheel drive
Hath cell of solid state asunder rent and fluid spilled unknown
Well of perspiration, doth upon an arid carpet sate
Evaporation glimpsed before return to sun scorched earth

Striding on o’er shadowed dunes for comfort and release of mind
From flaming star with rays of unforgiving light in heat consumed
Night time sorties etched in sand by black tinged creatures all mapped out
A dalliance in cool dark breeze, with deadly danger fraught

Life’s enduring struggle, played out in acts before the dawn
Evident demise for some, a stated aim for predator of serpent kind Waiting with saint’s patience, if presumption he could dare to make
Unsuspecting souls to prey upon and feed his slithered heart

Espying promontory mound, I take a bearing compass point
Unerring line to safety sallies forth, like arrow true, through cloudless sky
Days and Nights of forty, lest once more we may endure
Tested on the anvil, in fortitude of faithful heart

Richard Gildea

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