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Many sad stories, so often have been told,
By those who did survive, and slowly have grown old.
Stories of so many heroic deeds been done,
In the darkness of the night and the bright glare of the sun.
Of many bitter conflicts in another land,
Many fought at distance, some fought hand to hand,
In woodland or in open ground, in countryside and towns,
War can cause much hatred, it clearly knows no bounds.
So many friendships made, as they battled side by side,
Some would last forever, some failed as comrades died.
But the memories linger on, up to this very day,
In so many hearts, and there they’ll always stay.

They battled in their ships that sailed upon the sea,
Destroying of the enemy, or watching as they flee,
So vital their support to the soldiers on the land,
Only those were present will ever understand,
Each gunner on each ship, knew exactly what to do,
Every shot they fired, they hoped their aim was true.
And if they found the enemy was lurking ‘neath the waves,
They would search out and destroy, as only victory craves.
In a state of constant readiness, from below or in the sky,
Every able seaman was aware that he could die,
But, regardless of these efforts, not everyone returned,
And recognition for their valour, was really, truly earned.

And how could we forget, there were those who took to the air,
Brave pilots and their crew, who left their foe in such despair,
Nearly every dog-fight saw our lads come out on top,
Supremacy was on their side, and they’d catch them on the hop,
But war is never easy, and to some there came the time,
Even the bravest of us all, sometimes fail to cross the line.
Our aircrews and our aircraft were much better than the rest,
And they proved it by the way they fought, never second best.
Gallantly they did the job that they were asked to do,
And thus secured freedom for the likes of me and you,
Of course these men were frightened, wouldn’t anyone have been,
But so many laid their lives down for their country and their Queen.

For all those heroic actions you have read about or heard,
Thank you seems to me to be inadequate little words,
But most of wartimes stories, will always stay untold,
They will live inside the memories of the many who grow old.

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