Remember Them With Pride – Future

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The years will march on endlessly
One day we may find peace
But until then we’ll fight the wars
That never seem to cease,
And if we find some peace at last
How soon will we forget
The sacrifice our soldiers made
To them we are in debt,
For as I look around today
At those who do not care
I soon begin to realize
How many are out there,
They live their lives quite selfishly
Thinking just of “Me”
They never seem to think about
The way that things could be,
And some time in the future
As I am growing old
How many will remember
The stories we were told,
Will they want to think about
Those who lost their lives
And think about their families
Their children and their wives,
We never should forget them
No matter when they died
They sacrificed their lives for us
Remember them with pride.

Colin Boynton

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