Rear Mirage

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Parched dryness of the dust borne air, irritates the searching eye
Seeking out familiar form, an image of confusion reigns
Satin rivers shimmering, hovering ‘twixt earth and sky
Remembrance held depository, of patterned thought in similar vein

Desert star heats up the day, intensifies the search of mind
Becalmed the heart that beats within, to ease the burden of conclusion
Predicament I’m now enjoined, solution soon I’ll have to find
Nor body shade can see nearby and soon to welcome death’s intrusion

Look beyond the mortal plane, may find an answer to my plight
Petitions sought with spirit weak, are rarely carried on the wind
Furnace flame ignites my soul, seeks solace in the cool of night
Penance dealt with sure acceptance, for I know that I have sinned

Darkness comes in cloaks of ice, with cubes of light to show the way
With tortured strength I fight dark angels; waiting lest that I should die
Lead me o’er the dunes of life, when praying for the light of day
Mistral breeze now soothes my brow and shadows crawl away and sigh

Once more the satin sea appears, in fixed position as before
Coming with redemptive power, to cast away the doubt and fear
Opened eyes are needed now, to see the spirit at the core
Release my mind of past concerns, reflected by the mirage rear

Richard Gildea

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