Ramp Ceremony in the Snow

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Ranks of soldiers flank the way
to honour the fallen who leave here today.
On a frozen airfield, white with snow
we wait in silence for the coffins to show.

The cold cuts through us, we feel its bite
but our thoughts are with those who have died in this fight.
From behind we hear a muffled command,
we salute our comrades, united we stand.

In our moment of grief we are proud of those men,
but pray that we won’t ever have to stand here again.
They slowly pass by with barely a sound,
just the crunch of feet on the frosty ground.

Their flag draped crates are placed with great care
in the transport plane that’ll soon take to the air.
We’ve paid our respects, our ceremony ends,
but the grief’s just begun for their families and friends.

BJ Lewis

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