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On the outside he looks normal
But on the inside he is screaming
From the never ending torment
Which send his emotions reeling

First a smell, and then a taste
The nightmare has begun
He hopes and prays that it will pass
He has no where to run

A sudden noise transports him back
Into hell again once more
To relive a memory
That happened long before

He closes his eyes and sees them there
His brothers by his side
Next he sees them on the ground
The life now drained from their eyes

The constant sounds inside his head
Of his brother’s final cries
Will haunt him now forever
Until the day he dies

Like a time bomb slowly ticking
He’s ready to explode
He pops a pill to calm him down
The memories he has, now implode

He has to live with these memories
There’s nothing to ease the pain
Except for a cocktail of prescription pills
To keep him from going insane

He feels he’s been abandoned
No one truly understands
Just what he had to go through
Out in those foreign lands

Michaela Turner

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