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Because there are no wounds to see,
you think theres nothing wrong with me.
But behind the fronted smile,
Maybe you should think a while.
A story in those eyes unfold
a story he will always hold.

At sea, in air, or on the land
a future lies within their hand.
In present times or those gone by
Some will live and some will die.
To them its just a way of life
their family they sacrifice.

Not only at remeberance time
should they be allowed to shine
on the battlefield their walfare we cant control
but show your respect for every soul.
we don’t know their heartache within,
and ignorance is such a sin.

A hero now or a hero then
stand tall , stand proud all you men.
A poppy worn to show we care
for all they’ve done its only fair.
I may not see you in the crowd.
But my brother I am proud.

Sian Hamilton Howell

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