Pride is…

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What is the definition of pride?
Is it something one can see?
Pride can be so many things
But this is what pride is to me

Soldiers; Row upon row of heroes
Chins pointing to the sky
Chests braced, standing proud
Heads held high

A shining medal, duly deserved
Officers proudly presenting
A symbol of each hero’s courage
In a conflict unrelenting

Hearing their families explode into applause
As they all march proudly past
Eyes right, as they salute the CO
A tribute meant to last

The look upon their families faces
Watching on in awe
Proud to see their heroes recognised
A day worth waiting for

Freedom parades through towns and cities
Crowds are on their feet
Flags waving, people cheering
As heroes march down the street

Every hero has sacrificed so much
To make our world a better place
What is the definition of pride you ask?
It’s what you see upon each heroes face

Now that’s what I call PRIDE!

Michaela Turner

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