Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

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I’ve served the Queen for many a year
The flag and Country too
Wearing my Uniform with pride
As all good Soldiers do
But for me my life has altered so much
Something has taken over my soul
Working my body from deep within
My Demons have taken control
Now I suffer because of my Military life
With Memories buried so deep
That come to life in the hours of darkness
Denying me any chance of sleep
For it’s then that I smell the cordite
Even feel the dampness of the trench
The terrible screams and shouts of distress
With the horror of destruction and stench
Of corpses strewn on the battlefield
The terror in my colleagues eyes
All of these visions too horrific
For the average people to visualise
So I twist and I turn and sometimes pray
Must I die for this to all end
But then as though by magicians wand
I am being given help & assurance by a friend
Who has lifted me now from the depths of despair
And get my life on an even keel
To overcome my deepest thoughts
No longer my worries to conceal
For I’ve proved my worth to society as a Soldier
Battle scars are with me buried deep
No bullet wounds or missing limbs
But terrible memories that for life I’ll keep
Life for me has now changed for the better
With help and understanding offered to me
Once again I can take up my former life
With enjoyment for me and my Family
So if anyone gave me the choice of one wish
I know what that wish would be
If you meet an ex Soldier with PTSD
Take his hand and help him like my friends helped me

Dennis Shrubshall

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