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A sea of red serene and mellow,
Another life lost, another fellow,
Years have passed yet we shall not forget,
The sacrifice made so we can live, yet…

Many don’t know what the poppy stands for,
Why we planted the thousands in the Tower floor,
Why their life they gave for me,
So I can breathe and still be free,

It makes me humbled to know the past,
And to know they live on may their legacy last,
I hope that people will never forget,
As we walk down our pathway and salute all the dead.

I thank you with every beat of my heart
And wish I could meet you, but where would I start?
So deep in my mind all these thoughts shall remain,
As I only imagine the sorrow and pain,

And hold my head high and hope deep inside,
That I am half as strong as the flowers so wide.

Sue Stephenson - Martin

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