Poems are meant to be clever and rhyme

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Poems are meant to be clever and rhyme
They are supposed to be deconstructed and analysed
Well not mine

Do you
With some random Capital Letters and some really
Sentences, I can fool

Perhaps I could grow my hair long and become
A performance poet
That would be cool

I’ll pick up an accent and put ALL the Emp hASISis
In all the wrong

I can wear dungarees and swear all the time
And be melodramatic

I can smoke roll-ups, drink pints
And pretend to be A People’s Poet

Well maybe not
My muse is a bit too twisted for that

So what does rhyme with PTSD
Oh that’s right I know ME

Blimey I’ve said it, I’m not right in the head
That’s what they’ll think now

Those of us who own demons know that’s not true
A normal reaction to an abnormal situation
Is what I’ve heard said
Doesn’t stop me feeling a bit strange in my head

Andrea Mackintosh

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