Per Ardua Ad Astra

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Prop’s are turned then chocks are spurned, we all at once take off in flight
With flying jackets, goggles too and scarves of silken creamy white
Up and up away we fly, high up above into the skies
We’ve prayed our prayers, expressed our cares and bid for sure our last goodbyes

We few whom many owe a debt, set off in fear with hearts forlorn
Engaged in altruistic acts above and far beyond the norm
Our nation called in time of need: may yet still be, our finest hour
In numbers faced there’s no disgrace, if sweet this time doth turn out sour

Then “Charlie” swooped out from the clouds, with barely even hint of sound
To wander lonely, as the crowd of flak and “Ack ack” came from ground
We took them out when guns did spout, as they then spiralled down through life
Those flying “Shrouds” all draped in clouds, now families are faced with strife

“Knock, knock” on Heaven’s door we find our foe ensconced inside
Who greet us with such tenderness, no former churlish sense of pride
Magpies whisper secrets here, “Ones never to be told”
As Angels 10 o’clock espied, sit strumming loving hearts of gold

Richard Gildea

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