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‘Paula’s your name in this life
‘Chantelle’ in your last
You played the lead in both of them
With all the world the cast

‘Gregory’ was my chosen name
An English boy was I
Sent to France to fight the war
I dropped from out the sky

I met my ‘Chantelle’ in the woods
We touched and fell in love
A few short months we were as one
My ‘Mamouselle’, my dove

The ‘Germans’ took your Country
Swept through it like the plague
In Villages and in Townships
French faces looking vague

Torture and pure slavery
You suffered at their hands
Then you, a fighting Spirit
Decide to make a stand

You join ‘The French Resistance’
And move up to the hills
At the tender age of twenty-one
You’re honing fighting skills

Your job, to meet us agents
Our parachutes to hide
Guard us with your ‘Sten- Guns’
Fighting by our side

We ran the ‘Nazi’ Gauntlet
Through roadblocks we would blaze
They called us ‘The Untouchables’
The Germans we’d erase

Then under torture someone broke
An ambush they did lay
Surrounded by the ‘SS Troops’
As night turned into day

The bullets flying round our heads
Me wounded, then escaped
I left you to your Destiny
You captured, Tortured, Raped

I never saw your face again
The last I heard, you’d gone
On transports into Germany
Frightened and alone

No word of you for many Months
Missing, believed dead
Then ‘Belsen’ liberated
So many, starved and bled

Your name was on the records
Of ‘Prisoners’ in the camp
I flew across to find you
A place so dead and damp

I searched amongst the broken Women
Thousands wandered there
Then found someone who’d known you
My ‘Chantelle’ held so dear

Then came the news I feared so much
She’d seen you ‘shot-at-dawn’
To hide the Ghastly evidence
Killed by those ‘Devil’s Spawn’

To England I returned that day
To live my life without you
Deepest sadness in my heart
The bravest Girl I knew

I lived until a ‘Ripe old age’
But never did forget
The Girl I fell in love with
Her death my ‘big regret’

But now onto another life
I’ve met my girl again
Spirits drawn together
‘cause ‘Soul-Mates’ never wane

Of lives we have so many
I’ve spent them all with you
We play our parts eternally
For I know ‘I Love You’

Tom Mcgreevy

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