Passage of time Rhyme

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There is some things that are most fine
Precious and dear to someone
Will cease to be, simply gone
over the passage of time

With a splendid spread, one sits to dine
Tastes, aromas fleetingly floating free
Then there is no food, nothing left to see
with the passage of time

Youthful bodies and features divine
We Worship, desire and admire
Then watch As curve and muscle tire
With the passage of time

To not live life to the full is a crime
No adventure or chances taken
The opportunities to try become forsaken
with the passage of time

Memories of life such as mine
Are treasured beyond compare
They are lost, no matter how long you stare
Alas with the passage of time

Even this text you read, this rhyme
Will at some point no longer be read
Still, this poem might be more when I am dead
Then lost in the passage of time

Eventually even our Sun will cease to shine
Some day light and heat will be lost
There will be no one left to count the cost
After a long passage of time

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