Pass Out Parade

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I am what I am,
I do what I say,
You never can change me,
Myself I shall stay,
From darkness of past, to brightness today,
My life,
One long journey,
That made me this way.

A child aged so young, a knife to his throat,
That day will live on but never to gloat.
A little bit older,
knife changed to gun,
In the back of a Corsa,
You want money?,
I’ve none!

Over the years that followed with pain,
A vicious attack,
Struck part of my brain.
No longer able, to talk or converse,
That dream of a soldier, would never disperse.

Onwards and upwards,
Remember one word a day,
Soon to be two ,
One more each day.

Walk on,
Walk by,
Is the good publics veiw,
But an honourable Sargent,
My potential he knew,

A little while later,
My dream had been made,
As I marched out a soldier,
On my pass out parade!

Ross de Freitas

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