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I cannot sleep, only cry
The pain is bad, my body screams
It is dark night and silent here
No one to hold me, wipe my tears

I cannot think, the screaming grows
My head aches, my eyes are sore
The darkness is my despair
Someone help me, show you care

I can no longer hide my pain
I am so tired, worn and done
I see a tunnel with no light
Perhaps it’s time to stop the fight

The pain abates, head starts to clear
My body calms, for a while
I close my eyes and pray for rest
Help me, please, survive this test

I know the pain will come back soon
A brief respite is all I’ll get
But I count my blessings one by one
Can’t give up ’til the fight is won

I wish that I could have a life
Free from the illness that I have
And I wish that you could see
What distress it does to me

Don’t make me fight for everything
I still have rights, you know
But without your help, I cannot live
I need so much for you to give

I cannot sleep, the pain is back
Tears flow, head aches so much
The dark tunnel returns to me
Please, please, help set me free

Nell Sealey

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