Pack All Your Troubles

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While digesting Readers Digest
on the steps of Thorne Town Hall
an enormous Union Jack flag
fell from the sky, and landed on the floor.

I picked it up
wrapped it up
and wondered who’d take it from me.

I asked a policeman
but he said he’d have to have permission.
The bank clerk said yes
but only if I took out a loan.

I asked a passing patriot
but he already had one,
burnt at the edges.

I felt sure the Army would take it,
for several thousand reasons,
but the Sergeant said no,
it might be the marching kind,
with the prefix of I’m alright,
and the ones they had on display
were sixty years out of season.

Then up popped old Joe Siblack,
the Russian from Moorends,
he said I’ll take it if you like,
for twenty million reasons.

Joe Fearn

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