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‘Nursery of Giants’ on sun baked sub-Saharan plains
In tangled mass of neck and legs, this shadowed calf inhales of life
Membrane birth of cradle sac upon Savannah floor drops down
Licked clean away by rasping tongue, no trace of scent for predator

Splayed of stilted legs in vain filled efforts, valiant made
Mother’s help I seek to gain, when milk is spilt in my own name
To stand erect is end game now or suffer fate too cruel to tell
Looking up to Parents gaze and down on every other face

One hour seems eternity exposed in only Mater’s shade
Standing finally on high with neck extension tall and proud
Ossicones with tufts of hair betray the female genes inside
If smooth of skin, my brother’s line, I would lay claim with sibling pride

Unison of one side gait, unique to members of our race
Propel me forward eating ground with length of even measured pace
Dining at Acacia tree with flat top evolution spread
Leaves and thorns to extricate and shoots that go straight to my head

Agitated look beneath my lashes long, in facing devils blast of sand
Distant roar that trembles up my elongated neck so tall
Plains of drifting cousins reign, as panic spreads to herds on view
Vacate now to pastures green all fleet of foot and senses primed

Growling felines numbered two, approach with stealth and cat like crawl
Unaware that Mother’s eye is trained upon their every move
Years of twenty five have passed; she knows somehow just what to do
Retreat to tree where thorns are spread upon the ground in pointed ring

Gathered ‘Neath her bodied girth, ‘twixt legs of four all taut and strong
In well protected trinity, whilst kicking out with one so long
A crunching sound of bone on bone with ‘necking’ through the air
Then driving of the message home by prancing on the stricken foe

A lesson learned to stay close by, until the extra metres gained
Acacia strategy on board regarding ground of thorns
Aspects of attack just three when back is kept in line with tree
In Heightened preparation of ‘Camelopardalis’ (the name refers to me)

Scientific name ‘Camelopardalis’ – Giraffe (Derived from Camel/Leopard)
Ossicones- Two horn like protuberances at top of head
Smooth skinned Ossicones- Male
Tufted hair Ossicones-Female
Necking- Striking with head

PS. This encounter with the lions was witnessed whilst working in Africa
(From a safe distance)

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