Over There

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The memories come so vividly
of days that used to be
War time news and shortages.
Songs at mother’s knee.

I remember watching searchlights
as we stood at our front door
sharing one banana
There just weren’t any more.

I remember sirens screaming
then the sound of the ‘All Clear’
The relief on people’s faces
As they laughed away their fears.

I remember going to bed at night
in the little pantry hole
and waking early morning
lying there amongst the coal.

The sight of women crying
as they waited for their men
is etched forever on my mind
for some ne’er came home again.

Then the war was over
We had a party in the street,
Bands were playing, flags were flying
And the sound of marching feet.

I remember still the silence,
as we all stood and said a prayer,
for all the boys still lying
in the poppy fields, over there.

Dorothy Bassett

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