Over the Garden Wall

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This day began with ‘Guards’ upon their steeds
Replete with all said finery, on show
Parading up the Mall; such noble breeds
Fulfilling nod to history’s tableau
So glad was ‘One’ that we should come along
Each by appointment; royally received
As Majesty bade welcome to the throng
Largesse it seemed was more than preconceived
With canapé’s Neath canopies on lawn
Didst greet her subjects à l’extérieur
Escorted by her Beau and Son (first born)
Approved my Brummell’s garb; ‘twas de rigueur’
Whilst flouncing ‘round I doffed my hat to all
Cloak’d maidens with my cape midst rising squall

Richard Gildea

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