Our Silent tribute

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At 11am the nation stood still
To honour, recall and remember
A silent and static emotional thrill
As always this day in November.

Our site all stood still on the nineteenth floor
Remembering every soldier
In respect of our relatives and many more
75 of us shoulder to shoulder

As I looked out the window, tower bridge was raised
On London Bridge pedestrians were static
How we honoured the fallen, we should all be praised
It was a sight that was really emphatic

The Tower of London had a poppy filled moat
A glorious sight of deep red
A sight that left a lump in your throat
As we stood to honour the dead

On roof tops, in gardens and down on the street
People stopped and stood still with each other
It was a moment that no other moment could beat
And Everyman was each other’s brother

No matter the creed or colour of skin
In all places, we all stood as one
All of a sudden we let everyone in
All signs of an enemy gone

It was all over the country, Europe, the world
The human race became a solitary nation
The young and the old, stood proud on their feet
For the soldier, a fitting ovation

But why does it take this day to remember
Where for two minutes each one was a friend
When It should be from new year to the last day of December
That the fighting we witness should end

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