One More Coat

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‘Chasing Flaking, Filling Scraping’ sanding off down to the bone
Making good, such evidence of life upon the surface shown
‘Swish Swash, Splish Splosh’ I paint in covered coat times two
Erasing memory as shared, of time we spent in coloured hue

Neutralising shades are used, to nullify the pain I feel
No paper paste, lest buried thoughts uplift and once again reveal
Existence of a canvas rare, adorning walls, encasing heart
I’m now bereft, no more in sight my precious work of Art

Wood surrounds do help to frame within a measured place and time
As ‘Sugar Soap’ and ‘Undercoat’ may help in future to define
Such finish that reflects no more, my Angel’s perfect smile
One wonders if the effort made, could ever hope to prove worthwhile

Richard Gildea

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