Ode to St. Valentine’s Day

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Have you ever sat and wondered
How a certain day came about
What was it’s origination
Was there any reason for doubt
‘twas said in the past that it started
In ancient Rome it seems
As a day of celebration
And creating Lover’s dreams
On the day before Lupercalia
February the Fourteenth to be exact
But there are many variations
And I’m not sure which is fact
For Claudio 11 the Emperor of Rome
All those many years ago
Cancelled the privilege of Marriage to couples
So that Bachelors to war his soldiers would go
Then ‘tis said a certain Saint Valentine
Ignored the rule and couples he still wed
Until Claudio became aware of his actions and announced
“To the dungeons with the scoundrel and off with his head”
And lo and behold that’s what happened
In the cells he was cast to await
Clubbing to death and beheading
Was the sentence to be his fate
Whilst he was waiting to meet his demise
With a sentence so vicious and hard
He wrote his last words to his loved one
Perhaps creating the first Valentine’s Card
And it still serves today as a sign of deep affection
To Beaux & Belles of this World far and wide
As a permanent Memorial to Saint Valentine, it’s founder
On the 14th of February the day that he died.

Dennis Shrubshall

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