“Ode to Harry Patch”

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Line abreast beyond the ridge, gleaming in the midday sun
Our men of courage stood their ground, against the onslaught
from the “Hun”

With bayonets drawn and weapons clasped, searching for the light of day
Awaiting orders from above, in silence they began to pray
For Sons and Daughters, Mums and Dads, to God above and long lost love

Nervous smiles throughout the ranks, when spotting enemy with their tanks, advancing over “No Man’s Land”
With weapons clasped and bayonets drawn, a mirror image in the dawn

“The War To End All Wars”, would that it be so
Line abreast we sleep beneath the ground, our headstones gleaming in the sun
“Spots of Red” that marks the dead, mirrored by the “Sons of Hun”

Richard Gildea

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