Northern Ireland

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For you had suffered for too long,
and the people paid the price.
From Nationalists and republicans,
and neither would heed advice.

From the troubles in Derry,
and the Killings in armagh,
The Imprisonments in County Down,
and bombings in Fermanagh.

Too many fingers pointed,
and executions commonplace,
and far too many funerals,
where loved ones would weep and embrace.

A generation was brought up,
seeing soldiers on the streets.
And sectarian faultlines,
separated by a drum beat.

And as the years passed,
and you begin to think and reassess.
and you cast your eyes over a land,
whence god had once blessed.

For the agreement in ’98,
came from prayers where bloodshed would cease,
and as you demilitarized,
and sewn the flower of peace.

In the end, violence does nothing,
and peace is a must,
for catholic and protestant,
in god we trust.

Emad Qweitin

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