Nit Nurse

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Sunday night has come around get the bath out the yard
Block of green carbolic mum scrubbed real hard
Tidemarks off your neck and those spuds out of your ears
She that hard we’d all be in tears

Out of the bath go sit by your mum
Paper on your knee you know what’s to come
It’s the derbac comb that we all dread
Rip your head to bits then it’s off up to bed

You never knew when it was nit nurse time
All standing in the hall in one big long line
It was so embarrassing when the teacher would come
Here take this home it’s a letter for your mum

All the class knew that you had nits
All sitting there laughing chuckling to bits
Get home to mum she’d say now isn’t it great
I know where they’ve come from their off your mate

Isn’t it funny how your mates got the blame
He’s come from a family with a real trampy name
Even at school his mam was a scruff
A big irish family that were really tough

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