Nine Lives, Less One

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The distance held for Life and Limb is measured by a steady gait
As I in sweat filled garb advance to meet with source which holds my fate
I venture forth in trepidation, do they know or really care
As dark blank eyes in morbid trance, are fixed with fascinated stare

A practiced scene I’m now enjoined, no turning back lest loss of face
This package stamped with Hades mark, I’m now expected to embrace
My breath is strained, I’m fit to burst and heart does pound as if rehearsed
My feline friends espouse nine lives; I’d take one now should I be cursed

Trained mind maps out a safe approach, my thoughts divide in focused fear
My love of life betrays this act of stupefying circumstance, should I adhere
I’m on my own, yet comrades empathise with same
Becalm my pulse which races now, control each move in deadly game

Engaged in act of making safe, lest I am blown to Kingdom come
Kaleidoscope of colour code holds key to life, it must be done
A choice to make just ‘clip and cut’, yet ticking tocks the time away
I pray the Lord will heed my prayer and bless existence come what may

Richard Gildea

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