Natures Symphony

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The Boiling angry sky building far above
Darkness descends as the sun is swallowed
The air feels prickly and thick with malice
We will soon witness the gods and drink from their chalice

There is a deep rumble felt across the land
As it signals the start of this display of power
All at once the heavens open and sheets of rainfall
A Sudden bright blinding light, and then the gods call

Deathly deadly spikes strike the land below
Laying waste and destroying things with its delicate touch
Looking at these mighty strikes, never two the same
Leaves a lasting impression on eyes and the brain

The wind builds, whistling through the trees
Pushing and bending them to its will
Whipping up leaves of red, brown and gold
Releasing them from gravities hold

As the temperature drops water turns to ice
Spheres, each unique, shatter the streets
On the roof, the fast tempo of a drum roll
As the sound penetrates deep into your soul

The pressure and sound continues to build
As rain and hale obscure all to see
More pour into every sense possessed
Reaching a crescendo, a sensational crest

The earth trembles from the release of energy
As water, ice and wind crash through the trees
Then there is a pause, a gradual quieting of all
An end to this single but mighty squall

The pause is brief, almost impossible to comprehend
The next movement begins to stir off of natures composition
All of the senses awaken once more
Ready for the next of natures score

Chris Duncan

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