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I have just received an appeal from the N.I.B
Asking for money to provide books for those who cannot see
And whilst I have every sympathy with the plea
I ask myself why they have to rely on my generosity

For we live in a country claiming to improve education
And it’s distressing to hear of this case of deprivation
That the blind children have to plead for a donation
Is surely a blot on the character of our nation?

The blind children are desperately in need of books in Braille
And their provision is one in which we cannot afford to fail
For these books would help to fulfil their need
And in their adult life would help them succeed

If the government are sincere in their concern for those in need
This is one aspect in which they should intercede
To make available the funds for their education
So they can participate fully in the life of the nation

The blind are unable to join in many games and to enjoy the fun
And have never seen the beauty of the setting sun
The beauties of the world are something about which they have only heard
At the very least they should be able to enjoy the written word

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