My Light

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I made a journey years ago
from start to finish I had to go
My map was set my journey long
I knew to do this I must be strong

I started well with guides and friends
But my guides they left their time did end
I carried on with all my mates
And made bad turns I made mistakes

From these I learnt I started new
I found my way my bearing true
But then a war and death it came
It sought out friends by rank and name

It picked them off it took them quick
I couldn’t help it made me sick
I saw such things my guides did hide
I wish they were with me by my side

I made it through and then back home
But in the dark I wandered alone
I looked for my torch my shining light
To guide me through my awful plight

I used my torch too much I fear
I used it hard til it leaked tears
I heeded not the voices saying
Your torch is dying light decaying

And as I listened looked and learned
I suddenly realised what I had spurned
All this time I had not seen
how my torch had kept its beam

I thank the lord every day
He let me see my errant way
That in the darkest years of life
My shining torch was my lady wife

Thank you!


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