My Irish Boy

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I will keep you safe I will keep you warm
I will guard you from the pending storm
But that was then, and this is now
I must release you, to battle foul

So my boy is let too go
A solder now, with many foe
An Irish Ranger and proud to be
Keep him safe, but let him free

On Shropshire field I said goodbye
Sunny day, tear in eye
I see my boy, I see his teddy
He was trained and drilled and battle ready

Is he a man at 22?
Do you know him? Does he know you?
Was this Gods plan or the devils work?
I feel his pull on mammy’s skirt

I remember well that December day
He signed for a job, to get away
To get away from dead end street
He’s gone away, so until we meet

Until we meet on the other side
I will remember, with such pride
My Irish boy who became a man
On the fields of Afghanistan

Stephen Williams

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