My Dad

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I woke up this morning my thoughts of dad,does he know that am so proud and glad
He is one of the few that did his best, many of his friends have been laid to rest
At his base I waited for him, I watched the Hurricanes landing in
At his hard stand I wait for him a Hurricane approaches but it’s not him
Tails of glory and tails of death, am approached by a pilot, who I only know as Seth
On my shoulder he places his hand, looks into my eyes and I start to cry
He kneels down and says to me, “come on son come with me”
I step back stand and stare, at the empty space knowing my dad should be there
The rain comes on its start to get dark,a man approaches and put’s a coat on my back
He walks in front and kneels down, the man in front makes me smile not frown
He said he’ll be back and he kept his word, with open arms I give him the tightest hug
We go home, have our tea, I fell asleep cuddling up on his knee
Two days later my dad was away, with Seth at the door it remained that way

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