Murder she Boat

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Somebody said it would be an idea
To build a raft to go over the weir
Before we knew it we all had agreed
And started a list of what we would need
Oil drums,rope and a pallet or two
And as for oars we would have to make do
But help from a friend to bolster the cause
Saw him provide us with three pairs of oars
It didn’t take long to assemble the craft
We started to think we all must be daft
To trust this assembly of barrels and wood
To keep us afloat on the Leam was not good
So off to the river with raft and a flag
Before very long we all started to sag
This thing was heavy–as heavy as lead
If it turned turtle we could end up dead
With effort and pain we got our small boat
Into the water– surprised it could float
Six of us boarded all ready to go
But sank to the bottom — the water was low
So pushing our raft we got to the line
Once more we boarded and found it was fine
“Speeding “ along and keeping afloat
Proud of the raft called “Murder She Boat”
Crossing the weir was rather a pain
We had to stop to repair her again
But sturdy she was and raring to go
We went for the finish although really slow
Before we could finish — another test yet
An ambushing crew who got us all wet
Bedraggled and soggy we finished the test
Happy to know that we’d given our best
We’d had loads of fun and helped raise some cash
Our flag was the only thing sporting a gash
So three cheers for us and also please note
A really game girl called “Murder She Boat”

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