MS …. You say is this what it is

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MS …. You say is this what it is
Explains a lot, why my limbs go weak and heavy as can be
The nausea, and sickness that come with very little warning
And prompt me to go down on my knees
…. My new best friend the toilet
My companion and needed by far … but if all else fails
I have a caddy bag to support me in transit …
MS … you say, is this what it is
The hand tremor that triggers in seconds
And they go all of a quiver…
That makes it impossible to hold the slightest item or thing … oh what a blunder…
MS you say, is this what it is
My legs feel like they have weights attached
And each step seems to retract…. The stairs are interesting these days
Feels like a challenge to over come but never the less … I did not see this happening
At the grand age of 26 …. But blessed as I am in life …. With so many other wonderful things
Why …. MS you say that’s what it is …. I say BRING IT ON !!!!!!!!

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