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The Universe covers Oh! so much
A subject so complex and so vast
So it’s time to itemise my thoughts
With memories from the past
I’ve flown the skies so many times
And high above the earth we soar
Looking at the world beneath us
Different Countries and Oceans and more
But the one thing that always compels me
To reflect on those flights again
Is the sight of the tips and mountain tops
Whether America or Austria or Spain
But because I come from the U S of A
My thoughts will always return
To the Appalachian Mountain Range
For which my heart will always yearn
Starting down in Georgia and up to Pennsylvania
The Blue Ridge Mountains stand
With their bluish haze against the sky atop
Which makes them a spectacular scene so grand
In the valley down below the National Park of Shenandoah
The Great Smoky National Park and Blue Ridge Parkway too
It is where the visitors come for vacations in their thousands
As there is so much here that they can do
Sioux Manahoacs, Iroquois and Shawnee
Were the inhabitants of the valley in times now long past
But in the 17th Century when the area was Colonised
The American Indian population diminished quite fast
There are Oak and Hickory forests on the slopes of the Appalachians
Then there is grass , Shrubs and Hemlock and some Oak-pine
The trees there are heaven for myriads of birds
And they all seem to get along quite fine
There’s Humming |Birds and Grouse and even wild turkeys too
And running wild is the Boar and the occasional Deer
Where in times now long gone the Indians would be hunting
Not forgetting the Black Bear who was their greatest fear
Now we live in a world where this beauty is preserved
A heritage that’s treated with love and care
So that future generations will be able to enjoy
The Blue Ridge Mountains and the lovely mountain air

“In the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia
On the trail of the lonesome Pine
In the pale moonshine our hearts entwine
Where you carved your name and I carved mine.”

Dennis Shrubshall

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