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I used to think I was nobody’s fool
That the country was run by majority rule
But I’ve been proven a fool you see
Everything’s ruled by minority

At the last election the votes were split
The Lib/Dems were asked to help out a bit
A Coalition was formed the next day
The minority party having most sway

Over the years we have seen human rights
Frustrating us all but nobody fights
For the things that everyone knows are good
But nobody cares even though they should

The minority knows how easily
They can beat our bluster and apathy
They tirelessly work any time of day
Ensuring that they will get their own way

But everyday folk like you and me
Are never involved politically
We bury our heads until it’s too late
Then start to moan when “they’ve” cast our fate

It’s no use complaining-it’s nothing new
We’ve always been ruled by the pro-active crew
To stop the march of minority rule
Just get off your couch-stop being a fool

All of us moan and then we will say
“We want to return to the old easy way”
So just use your vote it’s easy you’ll see
To end the rule of the minority

Don Holmes

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